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Homework – Books are better than TV

March 9, 2011 by Mrs Kibble · 9 Comments · Homework

Jemima sent her homework in via email last night. It’s always exciting to get an email, especially if it contains great work.

Firstly, I think everyone in Australia should read some great books every now and again, instead of watching TV all the time. Here are some of my reasons.

Secondly books are educational; they come in all shapes and sizes. There are books for all different ages. There are heaps of good TV shows but even more books like chapter books, joke books story books, autobiographies and lots lots more.

Now it’s ok to watch TV sometimes but it’s just not good for you all the time, reading is good for you all the time especially when you’re bored or tired.

Do you know what your kids are watching on TV? They could be watching inappropriate stuff or learn bad words and behaviour.

Next do you want your kids knowing bad language and behaviour? Do you want your electricity to go up? No that’s what I thought so hop off the couch and go and read a book.

So Australia get a good book. Turn of the TV and go and find a comfy place to enjoy your fantastic book.

The End!!!!!!!!
BY Jemima

Tonight Briony made sure her homework was submitted via email and I made sure it was put up on the blog! That’s teamwork. :)

Why Books are way better than TV

I think that books are way better than the ordinary TV. Here are my reasons why I think reading an awesome book is way more interesting than watching that boring old TV!

Firstly, reading books give you an image in your mind. TVs cannot give these special images.

Books are very educational by helping you read, write sensational stories and spell terrific words. Books also help you learn great facts.

Lastly, books don’t use any electricity where TVs use up a lot of electricity. Do you want your power bill to go up? This means that they are not very portable.
There are my reasons why books are way better than TV. So get of that couch turn off that TV and go and get a brilliant book.

Indigo sent her homework through tonight and has put forward some very good reasons for reading books.

Books vs. Televisions

I believe that books are better than T.V. I will suggest a few reasons that will change your mind.
Can you bring a television on the bus?
Can you bring a television into the classroom?

No, you can’t, but you can with a book. You can take a book almost anywhere. You can read a book on a swing outside, on the bus or in the classroom and you can even read a book on the roof of your house! [If your parents let you!]

Books can also make you use your imagination. You can imagine what the characters look like, but on the television they might turn out to look the complete opposite!

Books are educational. They can teach you new words. They also give you as much time as you like to take in what is on the page, but the T.V. can’t stop for people to understand what is going on.

Have you ever read a book while someone is watching a T.V. in the same room? It’s annoying isn’t it? A book is quiet and won’t disturb others. Lots of people can read different books in one room, but one house can only have so many televisions!

Do you want your electricity bill to go up? That’s what will happen if you watch too much T.V. Books are much cheaper and they are better for the environment.

You now understand why reading is so much better than watching television. Are you still watching T.V.?! Turn it off and go read a book right now!!!

Toby likes making sure his homework is in nice and early. Here is his persuasive writing that he emailed in today. He has included a rhetorical question, high modality words and a call to action. Well done Toby!

I believe that books are better than TV.  Here are my reasons why.
Books make you use your imagination but TV is made all ready.
You can’t put a TV in your school bag, but you can put a book in your bag and read it when you need to.
Books don’t use electricity at all but TV does, so do you want all your power going to waste just so we can watch TV?
If you read a book it will help your spelling, reading and writing while you could be in a world of your own.
If you watch too much TV your eyes can go square and then you can’t focus.
TV will never give you enough information but a book will give you more.
Plus if all you do is staring at the TV and eat you will turn into a mushroom.
You can see that everything I have said is true so everybody grab a book and read it!

Tom also made sure his homework was in really early. You can read his persuasive writing below. He has used paragraphs really well, as well as a call to action.

Books are better than T.V because they are educational and can teach you things like maths and other things you may need to now about how to get through life.

Firstly, do you want to spend your life sitting in front of a T.V. being lazy? But when you read a book your mind will go crazy for adventure. So you’ll just want to read and read and read and not want to stop.

Also you can’t carry a TV. around with you but with a book you could just slip it in your bag and you can read it on the bus, train, plane and car. Would you want to carry a TV around with you? It would be way to heavy for me and  I know that.

Lastly I think T.V’S take up too much electricity. Would you want your power bill to go up and up for just watching T.V.? My family wouldn’t want that!!

So come on Australia turn off your T.V’S and read a great book! That’s why I think books are better than T.V.


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  • Anna

    Hey kids, hope the new year is awesome..

  • NoName

    These are really great!!! I am working my way through a exposition now and I have figured that it is not that easy and I have used this as my guideline for the paragraphs thank you!!!

  • tommo

    6 reasons to watch TV

    Books ask difficult questions, but don’t give away $2million dollars for right answers

    Books don’t come with catchy theme songs. Television shows do

    Having a 102″ wide-print book just doesn’t give the same amount of awesomeness over your friends

    Books are a thousand paper cuts waiting to happen

    “TV” is easier to spell than “book”

    Little people in a box make me laugh

  • Mcawesomeness 2

    These are very good! This has helped me a lot!

  • Ashley

    These are great. I’m writing an exposition on the same topic and I’m using this as my guideline.

  • Rubi Core

    Hey people it’ rubi, and i believe that television is way better then books as television has the latest stuff. unlike boring books which take months to write and you have to make your own image which is pretty boring. When they give you an image and dont you just hate stupid words to read all the freaking time. i do nd i hte it.Anyway ive made my point laterz peeps

  • boy

    i like these ideas i used them for my homework aswell

  • Amu Chan

    such a great help with my homework

  • Tahlia

    Those are awesome guys!! Hope you had a great time writing them. Have a great year at the best school in the world!!

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