Eggshell Plate Tectonics

As part of our science unit on earthquakes we did an experiment with eggs. We drew tectonic plates on our hard boiled eggs then carefully cut around the lines to make the plates.

Next we gently squeezed the eggs to see if the plates were convergent (coming together), transforming (sliding against each other) or divergent (moving apart from each other)

Some people noticed they had more than one type of movement.

Indigo noticed she had convergent and divergent faults because as one plate moved closer to a plate, it moved further away on the other side of the plate.

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Our Awesome Writing – based on The Emerald Atlas

Gee this class are good writers – and to prove it here are some sensational descriptions. We had to write a description of a really scary creature who was scary because they made you feel bad by what they said not what they did. Everyone did an incredible job of it. Here are some of them:

Libby’s Monster Story

They were called Sulatar – soul crushers – more dead than alive monsters who would crawl up behind you in the pitch black and whisper all your worst night mares you had ever had to you: your pets would die, your family were disloyal, all your friends and family would grow up to hate you. Men would turn off their lights in the pitch black and not to be found years or decades later having starved to death.



They were called curse seekers –wreck wreakers was their common name.When you shut your eyes they would crawl up your arms and legs and whisper the worst things you had ever thought were true: your children would move and never talk to you again, you would never be able to see or hear again, your pets would die.


They were called the gholadun known as the – fear creators – haunted wraiths who crept up beside you in the musty, dark air and murmured all the worst thoughts you ever had were true: your family had died in a car crash, your children would run away from home and your best friend actually hated you. Men would retire their picks and rest up against the rock wall to be found decades and decades later having starved to death.


They were the bone shakers: half-dead ghouls that would sneak up behind you in the darkness and concealed your mind. They would find that locked door that locked away all your worst thoughts and opened it – those thoughts such as your wife would leave you and would marry another man, your kids would hate you and your friends were using you for your money. Most men would smash their lanterns on the ground and would sit down in the darkness to be found months or even years later.